Waiting at the Doctor’s Office


I went with Badona to Virginia Urology to get the results from her biopsy.  The appointment was at 11 am, and Badona wanted to get there fifteen minutes early.  When we arrived, the receptionist said, “We will be with you shortly.”  I asked her, “What does shortly mean?”  (I’m getting expert at waiting.)  I’ll tell you what it means.  We didn’t see the doctor until after 12:30.  We waited in the outside waiting room.  Then we went into the inside waiting room.  Badona gave a urine sample, and then we waited in the examination room.  They don’t respect your time.  It was worse than the wait we had at the Stoney Point office.

The doctor finally came in and said, “Everything was well.”  My wife was relieved, but the appointment was for a 30-minute talk with the doctor.  It lasted seven minutes.  It was something that could have been done over the telephone.  He also said that the urine sample was fine.  They would call if there were any problems from the lab work with it.  If nothing is wrong, she wouldn‘t be called.

The health care system is not managed very well.  I think it’s all about money.  I heard on the news that a whole lot of doctors in San Francisco, including dentists, gave up their time to provide all types of medical services for a few days.  To me that is being like Jesus.  But I like the way Jesus is going to manage healthcare when He returns.