Pay Attention to the Signs


Another fishing story—who wants to hear about working, which I have been doing a lot of lately.  Retired life is a busy, full life!  Back to fishing:  Johnny and I went out on Sunday.  We talked about not going but the weather changed and the wind was to be 5 to 10 miles per hour.  Sunday morning was damp and drizzly, but we still headed down the road.  A deer hit the side of Johnny’s truck.  It left blood and hair and a small dent.  But we still went fishing.  After getting to the river, the wind was blowing 25 to 30 miles per hour.  We still took the boat out.  By 1 pm we were beat to the point of being sore.  Also, we lost another anchor.  We were surprised when it finally grabbed.  The wind blew so hard, the anchor wouldn’t hold.

Even though we were tired and worn out, the Lord blessed us with four stripers.  We should have stayed at home and rested up for work on Monday!  God sends us signs that draw us to Him.   Do we take the time to see them, or are we too intent on going fishing?




My Favorite Season


The Fall is my favorite time of the year.  The air gets fresh, and even though I can’t see the leaves changing colors too well, I like hearing them crunch under my feet.  I don’t understand why people are so worried about getting the leaves up.  They disappear on their own.

Fishing is great in the Fall.  Bigger fish strike the lure.  I don’t know what I like best, the fish hitting the lure or the pull and the fight.  I don’t care if they get off.  Most of them make it into the boat, and then you have to be careful in getting the lure out of the fish’s mouth and not hurting the fish or getting a hook into yourself.

I am looking forward to having an open window for sleeping.

A Surprise “Thank You”


When you help someone, you don’t except anything in return.  So when it happens, you are surprised.

Early last Wednesday morning, a young man wrecked his truck in front of our house.  He was messing with modern technology when he went off the road and into the ditch.  He missed two trees but hit the third one on the passenger side.  The truck went up into the air and came down on its wheels.  The man was ejected from the truck.  I didn’t see it happen, but I heard the crash.  The truck was mangled, and the young man was a mess in the middle of the road with blood coming out of his head and neck.  I ran to get him a towel while Badona called 911.  He managed to crawl from the middle of the road to the grassy edge by our driveway.  His belongings were thrown all over the place.  I picked them all up and cleared the road.  It was morning rush hour.  When he crawled off the road, I knew he would be all right.

Saturday afternoon he came knocking on our door to thank us.  He had a lot of stitches in his head and neck.  Our bodies sure can take a lot of abuse.  We are wonderfully made by God!  I hope this young man realizes that.

An excerpt from my latest book, The Legend of Tater


When he finally arrived at the cave, the horses reacted strangely.  Tater also sensed someone else was in the cave.  It was dark, and Tater couldn’t see a thing.  He tied the horses outside.  They were being skittish and couldn’t be led into the cave.  He started a small fire at the entrance.  There was still some dried wood in the cave that he fumbled for.  He got a sturdy stick burning and held it like a torch in one hand.  With his pistol in his other hand, he crept deeper into the cave.  He could hear his own breathing even though he tried to hold his breath.  The echoes were unnerving.  He turned his head to listen for anything that moved.  His heart was beating fast as he crept deeper into the cave.  He could hear a soft sighing sound that echoed from the sides and roof of the cave.  He was on high alert.  He hoped that he wouldn’t kill anyone he wasn’t supposed to; but to survive out here, you needed to shoot first.

He crept deeper and deeper into the cave as quietly as he could.  As he came to the place where the stream ran in the cave, he was able to stand straight up.  As he rounded a corner, he saw it.  His first impression was to shoot it; but he thought, . . . .

See me to buy a copy of the book, or go to

Peace and Confidence


I enjoy talking about Jesus.  I hope that everyone has a relationship with Him as I do.  Things are better when the going gets tough and when you encounter hard problems.  There is peace and confidence in what Jesus has done for me and my wife.  Satan will always attack your relationship with Jesus with the things and problems of this world.  I don’t even worry about money anymore, and Badona doesn’t worry as much as she used to.  To us, money is a tool, and we know that God gave it to be used for His purpose.  He really does take care of our needs.  Sometimes it does take patience on our part.

Now Badona is being attacked on her health, but we know that that is not unusual in this world.  Pray that the pain in her lips will go away, that the medical field can figure out what is causing it, or give her spiritual strength to endure.  Life in Christ is better now on this earth and a better future is promised!

More Unusual Catches!


Friday Johnny took me fishing again.  This fishing story is different.  I do enjoy all kinds of fishing, and I know I write a lot about it.  To me, when I get to go fishing, I’m being blessed!

We caught a few fish, enough to satisfy the cats!  The unusual thing was that I hooked a fishing rod by the handle and got it into the boat.  It was an Ugly Stick, medium.  I gave it to Johnny.

We continued to fish, hoping to get some stripers, when a stroke of luck happened to me again.  I caught two smaller stripers on the same lure at one cast!  Both of them hit the same lure at the same time.  Johnny took the photo for me to share with you.

Surprise Catch!


Last Tuesday Johnny, Alvin, and I went fishing at Buckroe Pier.  We fished all night.  The wind never stopped blowing!  Not too long after we got there, Johnny and Alvin both had their first catch.  I hadn’t caught anything yet.  I was using spot cut bait.  I wasn’t even at my fishing pole when Alvin called that my drag was going out.  I ran over to tighten the drag and started to wind the reel.  I thought I had on a stingray or a skate, but what I caught surprised me!

I’ve never caught a sea turtle before!  It’s a good thing that it only weighed about three pounds.  I got the hook out of its mouth and carried it to the office at the beginning of the pier.  They called someone and after a while, a man came out to get me.  We filled out a form together, then he took the turtle to a vet to check it out and tag it before letting it go back to sea.  They named it Chuck!