Spectacular Blessings!


We are reading the book of Job for our evening worship.  Job 23:10 sticks in my mind.

Before LSD or heroin in the ‘60’s, Aldous Huxley wrote the book, Brave New World.  It was written around the depression time of the 1930’s.  My dad had it, and I remember reading it.  It speaks of a future of an advanced civilization where there is no conflict or even pain.  If an irritation creeps into your life from anyone or any situation, you could take a drug called soma.  It has been years since I read it, but I recall that if any unpleasant thing happens to you, soma would give you a holiday from your troubles.  Soma can calm anger and give you patience.

I don’t think Job would have taken soma.  He had absolute and complete trust in God.  Through his tragic and hard experiences, he knew that his character would “come forth as gold.”  The Bible says that Job was tested and not only for his benefit.  He was tested; and he demonstrated before Satan and his angels, the heavenly host, and it sounds like before other planets, that he served God not for personal gain, but because he loved God, His principles, and the righteousness upon which His Kingdom is found.  Job was an example for all who followed so that we would have courage to be faithful to God alone!

Job didn’t understand his trials.  Sometimes we don’t understand our trials.  Sometimes we cause them by not listening to the Holy Spirit.  That happened to me once, and it will never happen again!

Our Heavenly Father will never forsake us.  We can feel His comfort and follow His guidance.  Claim the promise in Psalm 91:15.  God can transform the hardest trials into spectacular blessings!


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