A Really Strange Fishing Story


A couple of weeks ago Johnny and I were out fishing on his boat in the Rappahannock River.  We did very well, catching stripers.  Four were keeper size!  Too bad we can’t keep them right now.  I hope they will be there in the Fall.  Earlier in the month, we were fishing at the mouth of the Potomac River and caught stripers there, also.  Years ago I used to catch bluefish, trout, and flounder.  They all seem to be gone now.

Well, back to that day a couple of weeks ago.  Not only did we catch stripers, we caught croakers that were a quarter to half a pound; and some of them were yellowbellies.  We also caught something that was very heavy.  As I was pulling up the anchor, something was coming up with it.  Johnny and I both had to pull to bring it up.  It was two other anchors!  And one of those anchors was one that Johnny lost last year!  We had to cut the rope on it last year when it wouldn’t come up.  Johnny was glad to get back both his anchor and chain!  They came with the boat.  He had had to make another anchor to replace it.  Now he has two spares.  Who knows what you will catch when you go fishing.  It’s an adventure!


Fishing for Cats?


Early one morning last week while it was still cooler outside, I was in the backyard practicing casting a fishing lure.  I want to be able to place it better.  Then all of a sudden, a cat came running out from under my truck to grab the lure.  I jerked, thinking it would be nice if the fish would come charging like that after the lure.  The lure flew up behind me, and a different cat came out of the woods to grab it.  They must have been watching me the entire time.  I yanked again, but the cat got tangled up in the fishing line and ran back into the woods.  I let the drag out then cut the line so I wouldn’t hook the cat.

I went to get my gloves and pruning shears.  I wanted to help the cat, but I didn’t want to get all clawed up.  These are wild cats that don’t let you get too close.  Well, the cat somehow untangled itself!  After I cut down some briers, I saw the lure lying on the ground.  I was glad to get the lure back, but there was no sign of the cat.  I was doubly blessed.  The cat wasn’t hurt, and my lure wasn’t lost!  I’ll do my fishing in the water from now on.

Fishing Lures


Badona hangs things in the bathroom and on the doorknobs, but I haven’t had a place to hang my lures.  I like to touch up my fishing lures with paint from time to time.  Now I’ve found the perfect place to hang them.  It’s a lamp chain in the kitchen.  I think they look pretty good up there.  I guess I could hang them out in the shed, but it’s been pretty hot out there, in the upper 90’s and even 100’s.  It’s a cool 78 degrees inside the house.  I can’t wait to see how these freshwater lures will do.  When I saw where and how the striped bass were hitting on my lure, I made some alterations to these.

I hope we all can learn something and keep learning and not be afraid to try something new.  There may be some interesting results.  We’ll never stop learning in heaven and the New Earth!

The Things You See While Fishing


I went fishing last Wednesday and caught a few shad that I put back into the water.  A man was there with his black lab.  He was straight-line fishing and had four brim on a stringer.  He moved to the boat dock and caught another one that he laid on the dock then put his line back in the water.  The fish was flopping around and his dog went to it and pushed it with his nose until the fish fell off the dock.  “That’s my supper!” the man screamed.  Then he moved down to where a tree overhung the river.  He climbed out on the tree and let his line down and caught another one.  This one was larger, and he threw it to the bank.  Well, the fish was flopping and the dog started to push it with its nose.  “No, you don’t!” the man yelled as he got off the tree, slipped in the mud, but saved his fish.  He caught one more before he left with six fish on his stringer.  As he walked past me, slushing with wet mud, he said, “Next time, I’m leaving Jojo at home!”  Fishing is good entertainment!

A New Fishing Season!


Badona said all I write about is fishing.  Now I’m not just writing about it; I’m doing it!  So far this year I’ve caught large-mouth bass, yellow perch, white hickory shad, and a rockfish by mistake.  I plan to go fishing at least once a week until the end of the year.

I’m struggling to finish my fifth book, The Legend of Tater, because of being so busy.  Maybe when I’m older and can’t do much else, I’ll write more.  I’m thankful that the Lord keeps me busy doing His work in the church and in the community; and He gives me bonus time to go fishing!

Swamp Fishing



I’m ready for fishing!  Some of my fishing buddies have already started, but I will catch up.  I have some responsibilities to take care of first, but things will change after the seventh of March.  If Johnny says, “Let’s go fishing,” I’m at the attitude that I can drop everything and go fishing!  I’m supposed to be retired, but Johnny and I still want to help people.

This morning I was thinking about Jerry Boynton.  He died a few years ago.  We used to go fishing a lot together in my canoe and later in my boat.  But Jerry fell in love with swamp fishing.  I don’t go swamp fishing anymore.  I can’t afford to tear my legs up anymore.

When Jerry first went into the swamp with me, he was a little nervous.  He wore long pants which was smart.  I never wore long pants.  He carried a stick in one hand and his fishing rod in the other.  After we got in the water, Jerry used the stick.  When he cast his rod the first time, a large fish took the lure.  The fear of snakes and other creatures left his imagination and all that was on his mind was winding that fish in.  It was a bowfin.  The stick was left behind and never brought again.  The swamp became beautiful to him like it was to me and we enjoyed its beauty.

A Different Kind of Pier Fishing


Our trip to Kiptopeke State Park was different.  Alvin and I left at 5 am.  It took two hours to get there.  It was a cloudy morning with a slight breeze, and the tide was going out.  I was catching stripers with a speck rig, and Alvin caught his first flounder.  I also caught a puffer fish on the speck rig.  The stripers were different there.  They were long and lean and had a darker color.  They weren’t thick like they are here.  We caught a variety of species.

We fished from 7:15 am to about 9:30 pm.  We do plan to go back sometime in the future and camp along with fishing.  The pier there is different.  It has grass growing on it.  It’s like an island shored up with concrete around it.  They also have several concrete ships moored about 200 yards out in the water to make a reef around one side of the pier.  The fish like it.  At sunset people came out with cameras to capture the sunset behind the concrete ships.    Many were taking photos of a crab that was in the grass.

If you haven’t been there, I recommend that you visit.  You’ll want to stay for longer than just a day.  All we did was fish, but I’m sure there is more to do there.  The Lord blessed us.  It was enjoyable to experience God’s creation in a different place here in Virginia.